How to Narrow Your Target Market

Few businesses can be all things to all people, nor should they. Without a narrow target market, you can’t possibly hit your mark. As a result, your marketing efforts will be unfocused and less likely to resonate with anybody. Rather than wasting your precious marketing budget on a mishmash of ads in the hopes that one will connect with someone out there, try this: narrow your target market. Creating a targeted marketing strategy through personas is one way to help you identify and target potential customers.
Marketing personas are fictional characters that are used to represent potential customers. By creating one or more marketing personas, it becomes easier to visualize and understand what your customers may value, want, or need. This is crucial in developing marketing messages; it can also help you focus. For example, let’s say your business sells pens, pencils, and paper products. Everyone needs these items, making it tempting to take a one-size-fits-all marketing approach. However, Jonah the college student has different needs than Mr. Big the CEO and Sally the work-at-home mom.
While your business may have multiple personas, you can use personas to narrow your market even further. For example, do you want to cater to Jonah, Mr. Big, or Sally? Which persona is more profitable? Which is more stable? Which is best for cash flow? Once You know the answers to these questions then you can begin the lead nurturing process
Once you know which persona is your target market, you can then begin tailoring your messages to attract those customers. For example, if you’ve decided to pursue the work from home crowd, you could start a business blog or Facebook campaign that positions your business as one that understands the challenges work from home professionals face – and as one that has real solutions. The more you specialize in this niche, the easier it becomes to add new services that appeal to customers that match your persona. (Source: Demand Generation & Targeted Marketing by AAyuja)
While you’ll still serve customers outside your target market, using personas to narrow your market, understand it, and develop it make more sense than trying to be everything to everyone.
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